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The Year COVID-19 Killed our Travel Buzz

Remember in 1980, video killed the radio star? Well 2020 was the year COVID-19 killed our travel buzz.

Little did we know as we watched the news unfold in China, in early 2020 that COVID-19 would turn the entire world upside down. With lengthy lockdown periods and ever changing rules, we lost the freedom to travel without obstacles. 2020 is a year we’re unlikely to forget, the year COVID-19 killed our travel buzz.

We spent the first half of the year chasing refunds and rescheduling travel plans. The second half of the year was spent mourning the trips that could have been. For some, travel became impossible. It’s no word of a lie that 2020 has been aggravating for us all but if we have we have reached the end of the year with our health and happiness and with our friends and family in the same boat, then that’s something to be grateful for.

So, as the year draws to a close and we look towards a more positive 2021, I decided to catch up with some fellow bloggers to find out exactly what they’ve missed the most about travelling this year. Here’s what some of the awesome blogging community had to say, in their own words.

Vinn from Vinn En Route

Finikoudes Promenade, Larnaca, Cyprus | Vinnenroute

Tell us about yourself

I’m an avid reader. I fell in love with the travel bug whilst living in the Middle East. Dalai Lama once said: “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before!” Thus, this became my travel mantra. Currently, in Cyprus, my blog started about this beautiful country and now I write about life’s journey in various aspects.

What do you miss most about travel?

What I miss about travel is getting lost in alleyways, exploring old towns, local markets, and just be there where the locals are. Every place has its distinct sounds, colors, scents, sights, and tastes that bring out a delightful feeling. And I can hear myself saying, I’m so glad to be here!


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Riana from a Teaspoon of Adventure

Halstatt, Austria | A Teaspoon of Adventure

Tell us about yourself

I’m a travel and book blogger based in Vancouver, Canada. Before the pandemic, I was living abroad in Prague with my fiance and our dog. While we’re waiting to travel again, I work in content marketing and spend my free time reading, baking and watching too much Netflix.

What do you miss most about travel?

What I miss most about travel: The thing I miss most about travel is leaving real life behind and just totally immersing myself in a place that is so different from my day to day. I love learning about life outside of my bubble and seeing things I have never seen before. I love that travel allows you to escape your own little life while opening your eyes to a life much bigger than your own. I miss those eye-opening and life-changing experiences – whether it’s eating gelato in a small town in Tuscany or exploring temples in Cambodia – something I wouldn’t do every day in Vancouver.


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Lauren and Lottie from Twins Gone Roaming

Colosseum, Rome, Italy | Twins Gone Roaming

Tell us about yourself

We are twins who love travelling together and have set up our very own travel blog to share our adventures. We think we make the perfect travel duo with Lottie being the planner (of transport, timings and accommodation) and myself being our activity organiser and navigator.

So far our travels have taken us to Rome, Pompeii and Bruges with many more destinations on our list! The number one thing on our bucket list is a working holiday in Australia.

What do you miss most about travel?

What we miss most about travel is the adventure and freedom it brings. We love exploring new places and trying new things – especially when it’s food-related! We definitely miss Rome’s gelato and hot chocolate from Bruges.

And of course, we can’t forget to mention the memories you make and amazing people you meet.


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Jamie from Bristollian Abroad

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia | Bristollian Abroad

Tell us about yourself

Hey, I’m Jamie, a traveller from Bristol, UK. I started my travels in Thailand, where my journey began with a love story, meeting a beautiful girl who I travelled to Bali, Australia & New Zealand, where I am now. I have been creating travel guides, photography tips, road trip itineraries & articles on how to get involved with sports since I started travelling. I’m now working full time to save for a new adventure in South East Asia in early 2021. You can read all about my current adventures in New Zealand from paddle boarding with dolphins to hiking 2,200 steps up the stairway to heaven or relaxing on a swing in Milford Sound, New Zealand’s unofficial Eight Wonder of the World. Head to www.bristolianabroad.com to find out more about me.

What do you miss most about travel?

My recent experiences have shaped the way I answer this question. I’ve been travelling for almost four years, three and a half of those with a partner. The thing that I am really missing about travel at the moment is constantly meeting like-minded people. You might be travelling solo across a strange country, but you are never truly alone. There are so many amazing people in our precious travel community & I miss the lifelong bonds you can make with people as you experience crazy situations together. I love sharing and exchanging stories with people, learning about their culture & their experiences. You never know where someones advice might take you.

It has been a long time since I’ve really experienced meeting people on a regular basis in hostels & I am really looking forward to getting that opportunity again in 2021. It might be scary to be alone, but the travel community is one thing I am really looking forward to being a part of as a solo traveller. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you all. Safe travels.


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Matt from Still As Life

Quiraing, The Isle of Skye | Still As Life

Tell us about yourself
I’m an INTP Aussie that enjoys cruising and taking the time to truly immerse myself in another country, travelling slowly. I’m fascinated by technology and love a good problem to solve!

What do you miss most about travel?
There are a number of things I miss about travel, but the top ones would be tied between the creative inspiration that comes with different sights and sounds from around the world, and the ability to go on cruises. Oh I miss cruising. I’d say that’s the thing I miss most, but I always find myself inspired at sea, so, in a way inspiration and cruising go hand in hand!


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Steph from A Nomad’s Passport

View over Ha Long Bay from Poem Mountain, Vietnam | A Nomad’s Passport

Tell us about yourself
I’m Steph, the photographer, writer and editor behind A Nomad’s Passport. As a travel writer, photographer and onboard courier, I usually live a semi-nomadic life and rarely spend more than a month in one location. And that is if I exclude very short work trips. Therefore traveling with all its aspects is a fundamental part of my life that I love and that I never planned to stop doing.

What do you miss most about travel?
There is a seemingly endless list of things that I miss about traveling, but the chance to explore new places and to meet new places are the hardest aspects. Whenever I stroll through a new city I usually hit some kind of a reset button so I can immerse myself in the new surroundings and learn as much about the location, the people, the food, the culture and the history as possible. Therefore not being able to do so makes me crave the ability to learn through immersion and contact with something new. I also miss just strolling through random streets or driving in one direction until I stumble upon a great location that I can capture with my camera. To plan how to get the best possible shot and to figure out how to tell a story through the photos I take. It is weird to be unable to wander the world with my eyes wide open so I do not miss a single thing that is worth a photo or a moment of silence that will allow me to observe what I see. And then there is also the view out of the window that I miss. There is nothing like looking outside when sitting at the window in an airplane, a train or even a campervan and observing the passing scenery. Doing so allows you to observe so many amazing things and I cannot wait to finally do it again.


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A quick note from Serial Jet Setter

Il I would like to thank all of the bloggers who contributed to this post. As you would expect, travel blogging becomes just that little bit harder when you don’t have the freedom travel. So, if you enjoyed this post, please do support these fantastic writers by visiting their sites and following their onward journeys, exploring the wonderful world we live in.

Happy holidays and here’s to 2021!

Stay safe everyone


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