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Quickfire Tips! Japan #4 Food

Travelling around Japan on a budget? No problem!

Food glorious food! One of the main reasons I travel and Japan certainly did not disappoint.

It’s easy to keep things cheap as fast food restaurants serve very good quality grub. Usually fast food means that you have to sacrifice on quality and nutrition but in Japan this is not the case. From ramen to sushi, you can’t really go wrong.

Another way to stick to a sensible budget is to eat your biggest meal at lunch time. Many restaurants offer much cheaper menus in the afternoon. Don’t be put off by the ‘plates of food’ in restaurant windows which I initially was. This is very common and the food is in fact plastic. There’s a whole industry of fake food in Japan, and it’s nothing short of artwork!

Those with dietary requirements should be prepared. It’s quite common for there to be no English menus available. If you have a genuine allergy it may be worth getting your exact requirements translated into Japanese. For fussy eaters, you might just have to be prepare yourself to experiment with the local cuisine!


  1. Loving all these Quickfire tips you’re doing. Japan’s culture and way of life is incredibly different compared to western countries and I really wanna go more than ever. I reckon I’ll be in for a nice surprise when I do eventually go

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    1. Thanks for reading! I would definitely recommend Japan. Like you say it’s like no other country in Western Europe.

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