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Quickfire Tips! Japan #2 – WIFI

Travelling to Japan? Here’s how to make sure you stay connected.

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world but you may be surprised to hear that free WIFI hotspots are few and far between.

No WiFi? No problem! You can rent a pocket WIFI device for the duration of your stay. Prices start at £38 and the cost will all depend on the length of your stay in Japan. A two week stay in Japan will cost approximately £60 which is great value if you consider how much data roaming charges would be.

The battery life of the device can last up to 12 hours so it is easy to stay connected wherever you go. You have the option to collect the device from the airport upon arrival or you can have it delivered straight to your hotel. The pocket WIFI device is small in size and doesn’t weigh much so it can easily be carried around in a handbag or pocket. At the end of your trip all you have to do is put the device in the prepaid envelope provided and put it in a post box.

You can find all the information you need via the following website: https://m.japan-rail-pass.co.uk/mobile/services/pocket-wifi. Happy holidays and happy surfing!

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