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Easy Prosecco Cocktail Recipe (The Italian Hugo)

This very refreshing Prosecco cocktail from Italy can be made with just a few ingredients and it is the perfect aperitif to share with friends.

This easy Prosecco cocktail recipe known as Hugo, is the perfect Italian aperitif. Light and refreshing it is perfect on a warm day or to whet your appetite before dinner. A much more modern cocktail, the Hugo came into existence in 2005, in South Tyrol (northern Italy). Bartender Roland Gruber is the inventor of this simple yet classy drink which quickly gained popularity throughout Italy as well as in Germany and Austria. The drink may even have overtaken the classic Italian ‘aperitivo’ drink, the Aperol Spritz. The concept of the two drinks is very similar but the Hugo swaps the bitters for a sweet syrup. The name of the cocktail has no real significance other than being chosen at random by its creator because he thought it sounded good.

With just a few ingredients this is a very easy Prosecco cocktail recipe to make. So why not impress your guests with this little number at your next dinner party.

Easy Prosecco Cocktail Recipe Ingredients

  • a few ice cubes
  • 4 tablespoons elderflower syrup
  • 200ml Prosecco or sparkling wine
  • 150–200ml (5-7 fl oz) soda water
  • a handful of mint leaves
  • slices of lime (optional)

Non-drinkers or designated drivers don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Why not substitute the Prosecco for a non-alcoholic sparkling wine? Check out Scavi & Ray Alcohol Free Sparkling wine which tastes just as good as the real thing. It’s a cocktail turned mocktail with minimal fuss.


Fill a large wineglass with a few ice cubes, pour over the Prosecco, add the elderflower syrup and mint leaves. Top up the glass with soda water and mix gently. For a zesty kick, add a few slices of lime to garnish and there you have it.

Cin cin!

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