Scotland’s Hug In A Mug

We all know the Scots like a dram or two. We're well known for our social drinking culture. But did you know that our whisky is medicinal? Seriously. Winter is coming and I've already been struck down with my first cold of the season. I swear by the Hot Toddy, a classic Scottish drink made... Continue Reading →

The Edinburgh Fringe

First, a little history lesson. I'm always curious as to how long running events began. Dating back to 1947, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has been celebrating over 70 years of success. The International Festival was in full flow when 8 theatre companies turned up uninvited and performed their own shows alongside the official Festival acts.... Continue Reading →

How I Caught Crabs

You may be surprised to hear that Scotland has been in the midst of a heatwave this summer. One of my good friends is a self-confessed nature lover so there was nowhere better to spend her 30th birthday than the great outdoors. We made our way to St Andrews, a small coastal town northeast of... Continue Reading →

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