Happy Chocolate Obligation Day

14th February, the day where loved up couples exchange cards and gifts as a token of their affection. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the Japanese take part in a slightly different tradition. 'Giri choco,' is a long standing tradition where only women give chocolates. Also known as 'obligation chocolate' women don't just... Continue Reading →

Quickfire Tips! Japan #4 Food

Food glorious food! One of the main reasons I travel and Japan certainly did not disappoint. It's easy to keep things cheap as fast food restaurants serve very good quality grub. Usually fast food means that you have to sacrifice on quality and nutrition but in Japan this is not the case. From ramen to... Continue Reading →

Quickfire Tips! Japan #3 – Money

Things really have progressed since the days of travellers cheques. Money is so much more accessible and overseas charges have decreased significantly. However the majority of banks in Japan will not accept your overseas bank card. Fear not though my travelling amigos, you will be able to withdraw cash at most 7-Eleven convenience stores. There... Continue Reading →

Quickfire Tips! Japan #2 – WIFI

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world but you may be surprised to hear that free WIFI hotspots are few and far between. No WiFi? No problem! You can rent a pocket WIFI device for the duration of your stay. Prices start at £38 and the cost will all depend... Continue Reading →

Quickfire Tips! Japan #1 – Tattoos

Tattoos are a work of art for some people. I'm a blank canvas myself but I have it on good authority that getting inked can become quite the addiction. Take note that there's a stigma around tattoos in Japan which may not be common knowledge to the Western world. The yakuza (gangsters) traditionally marked their... Continue Reading →

6 Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is by far one of my favourite destinations. When we first arrived I was blown away by the neon lights and the general buzz of the city. It genuinely feels like you have stepped into an alternate universe. We spent approximately 7 days in the city and I feel like we barely scratched the... Continue Reading →

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