Scotland’s Hug In A Mug

We all know the Scots like a dram or two. We’re well known for our social drinking culture. But did you know that our whisky is medicinal? Seriously.

Winter is coming and I’ve already been struck down with my first cold of the season. I swear by the Hot Toddy, a classic Scottish drink made with whisky, hot water, honey and lemon. The exact origins of the drink are unclear but rumour has it that during the 18th century, pubs around Edinburgh served Scotch with hot water to beat off the chilly Scottish weather. The water used was drawn from Tod’s Well.

The Hot Toddy of course should not replace a doctors prescription. It is by no means a cure for the common cold, but it could help sooth the symptoms.

The Ingredients

1 mug

50ml of Whisky

Boiling Water

2tsp of Honey

2tsp of lemon juice

Lemon slice

The Method

Boil the kettle and add 50ml of whisky to a mug. Top up with boiling water. Add in the honey, lemon juice and lemon slice then stir.

Leave to cool for 30 seconds or so then enjoy the soothing warmth from the inside out.


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