The Edinburgh Fringe

First, a little history lesson. I’m always curious as to how long running events began. Dating back to 1947, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has been celebrating over 70 years of success. The International Festival was in full flow when 8 theatre companies turned up uninvited and performed their own shows alongside the official Festival acts. One year later a Scottish playwright gave us the name we know today, ‘The Edinburgh Fringe Festival,’ when he wrote an article using the word ‘Fringe’ when describing the performances taking place on the sidelines.

It is indeed that time of year again and the Fringe is upon us. This year the Festival runs from 3-27 August. Read on to find out some useful hints and tips.

Preview Shows

It took a few years of living in Edinburgh before I realised that you can bag discounted tickets before the official opening of the Fringe. A preview show may not be as polished as the shows you would see later on in the Festival but for the discount, you can’t complain. You can check out which preview tickets are available here. Also, if you stand around in the right place (i.e. outside the venue), occasionally performers sometimes give out free tickets to their preview shows in order to fill the room. So, loiter wisely people!

Half Price Hut

The Virgin Money Half Price Hut can be found on the Mound. It’s always worth checking out the Hut on the evening before or on the day of performances to see if there are any last-minute tickets on offer. I wouldn’t recommend this though if it’s something you are really keen see as you may be left disappointed.

Pop Culture
Each year there are always performances based around pop culture. This year the programme includes ‘Spontaneous Potter’, an improvised comedy show based on our everyone’s favourite wizarding books, Harry Potter and Thrones, a musical comedy parodying, you guessed it, ‘Game of Thrones’. If you are big fan, these could be worth checking out. For all you karaoke lovers, there is also a sing along screening of last year’s biggest musical, the Greatest Showman. I’ll see you there 😉

For the Nostalgia
Last year I went along to the ‘Faulty Towers Dining Experience’. It’s the most expensive show of the fringe by far costing £50 per ticket but this includes a three-course meal as well as a 2-hour performance. The whole evening was hilarious and I laughed from start to finish. Not only do the actors sound like the Fawlty Towers characters but they look exactly like them too. The skit includes many lines from some of the best episodes of the series.

All Night Long
The City of Edinburgh really does come alive during the Festival, with many bars and clubs staying open later. After a day filled with entertainment you can dance the night away. Every Saturday during the festival trams will be running every 30 minutes all throughout the night. There is also a late-night bus service and if all else fails you can download the Uber app.

Happy Fringing!


  1. I really want to go to Edinburgh Fringe, I’ve been to a few comedy nights where they’ve been practicing and it all seems like it’s going to be hilarious. I’ve also been dying to check out the faulty towers dining experience while it’s still touring the country!

    Beth x


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